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Caring About Users

Our purpose is that our users have fun. We want you to enjoy playing Terraria the way you want. There is nothing what could ever limit your fun at us!

Top Quality Staff

While most other servers recruit staff members without much filtering, we require recruits to apply in our forum to make sure you are served by only the greatest staff members.

A Friendly Community

Be part of our uniqe and colorful community on our forum, where you can share your experiences with others!

Unlimited Options

With our frequently updated plugins and features there is nothing what you couldn't do! Be it expressing your artistic side, showing off your skills in pvp or mashing up bosses in our Arena.


  • - Re-created our website with more content and additional features to make browsing even more fun!
    - We have launched our "Valentine's" map with custom Valentine's-themed grass and trees, extra large sky, and lots and lots of space across the map for our users to release their imaginations!
    - We have implemented multiple new in-game minigames, such as Uno and Blackjack (Blackjack coming soon)!
  • - Changing our Map to provide more space for you to express your imagination!
    - Keeping our plugins up to date, and adding extra content to keep our server fresh!
    We are inviting you to join us in our upcoming special events!


    Aurora was founded in 2013 September by Patrikk & Newera who's vision was to create a different Terraria server from the existing ones, where players have a word in how the server goes, thus, providing more fun to the users. As time passed by more and more people joined the community of Aurora to make it grow to be one of the top Terraria servers today.

Our Skills

Awesomeness - 9001%
Staff Activity - 87%
Player Amount - 76%
[Owner] Patrikk
[Manager] Clay
[Administrator] Ariana
[Administrator] Ultimadum
[Moderator] Discord!
[Moderator] NamiMurdock
[Moderator] Ugly2222
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Aurora is a fast growing Terraria server powered by unique ideas. Join us in our colorful world for an unforgettable Terraria experience, where your possibilities of having fun reach no limit!

Builds Of The Month ~ Feburary ~

Coming soon! See our thread in our forum!